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Playlist for ElektroLounge 2011.Mar.25

ElektorLounge 2011Mar25
At House of Voodoo/Blue Macaw, San Francisco 

2115-2200hrs – DJ Damage


Nachtmahr - Rise And Fall
Painbastard - Web Of Lies
Aesthetic Perfection - Living The Wasted Life
Suicide Commando - Love Bleeds Suicide
Combichrist - Without Emotions
Caustic - White Knuckle Head Fuck (Feat. Faderhead)
Tactical Sekt - Damage Limitation (Limited Suf)
HexRx - DominateSAM - Hard Technology
Nurzery [Rhymes] - Cuore Sanguinato 



2200-2300hrs – DJ Goblyn

Hioctan – Walk Upright
Haujobb – Yearning
Hocico – Instincts of Perversion
PierrePoint - Perfect Society (Reconstruct)
Suicide Commando – Traumatize
NCC – RU486?
Din_Fiv – War Changes Nothing
Nitzer Ebb – Control I’m Here
!AiBoFoRcEn< - EWIF
Pulse Legion – Who Decides?
(absurd) Minds – Captivated
Decoded Feedback – EVOlution
Front 242 – Gripped By Fear

2300-2400hrs – DJ Damage


Agonoize - Death, Murder, Kill
Sebastian Kommor - Electro Body Music (Freak Edit)
Yersinia Pestis - Dieser Engel Kannte Mich
Suicide Commando - Die Mother Fucker Die!
Dawn Of Ashes - Torture Device
XP8 - Cuttin And Drinking (Grendel Remix)
Aktiv[EH]ate - Play The Game (Twilight Freakshow Monster and Servant Mix)
[X]-Rx - Stage 2
Noisuf-x - Hit Me Hard (Club Mix)
Wumpscut - Totmarcher (VNV Nation Remix) 

0001-0100hrs – DJ Forced Hand

X-Rx - Feel The Fucking Bass
[Cynical_Mass] - Oppressor
Combichrist - Blut Royale
Den.C.T.Bug - Gotteskrieger (Funker Vogt Mix)
Dulce Liquido - Reaxxxion
Noisuf-X - Halluzinogen 
Virtual Embrace - Dark Room
Tactical Sekt - Xifixiation (Myer Burns the Dancefloor Mix by Haujobb)
Combichrist - Get Your Body Beat *by request*
Stahlnebel and Black Selket - Devils Army 
Suicide Commando - Bind Torture Kill
Tyske Ludder - Thetanen (Cruise-Up-Your-Ass-Edit by Nurzery [Rhymes])
[Distatix] - Doktor
Tactical Sekt - You're Fired
Faderhead - Pussy Rules (featuring Shaolyn)
C-Drone-Defect - Sin Society
Suicide Commando - Face Of Death (Tormant 1)
Grendel - Hate This 
Combichrist – Blut Royal (with Cheese)

0100-0150hrs – DJ Goblyn

Kalte Farben – dry/wet
Leaether Strip – AntiUS
Dive vs. Diskonnekted – Frozen
Hocico – Spit as an Offense
A Split Second – Mambo Witch
Dominion – Light of Day
Poesie Noire – Pity for the Self, or We’ll Teach You to Dance
Virtual Embrace – F!ck You!
Amduscia – Seal You In Red
Agonoize – Chains of Love

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